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Automated document and data capture

The application suite dedicated to the acquisition and digitalization of any tipe of information, data, multimedia content, paper or digital documents.
Specific acquisition processes can be defined for capturing information and documents from any source or channels such as management systems, databases, information flows, network folders, ftp servers or any other general data capture device (scanners, multifunctional devices, healthcare devices, etc).
The information captured can be forwarded directly to the document management system or to any external system.

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A suite of applications
dedicated to Data Capture


Automated bulk scanning and digitalization of paper documents, page split and save file using predefined rules for name composition. Driver support ISIS, TWAIN, KOFAX and special scanner.


Documents are automatically categorized by analyzing several factors based on appearance and content.

Image processing

Orientation adjustment, removing black borders, improving readability, removing dots, boxes, zone anchor lines.

Anomaly detection

Centralized AI-based anomaly analysis capable of detecting any irregular case determined by the rules set during training.

Optical Recognition

Typed text (OCR), handwritten text (ICR), cursive handwritten text (CHR), optical marker boxes (OMR), and 1D and 2D barcodes (BCR).

Information Validation

Manual validation of extracted or recognized information that did not pass the configured autoverification steps directly on the specific area of interest on the image (enlarged up to 200%)

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Fully automated
Acquisition processes

optical recognition 95%
classification 85%
anomaly detection 80%




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Document Classification
supported by AI Analysis

Documents are automatically classified based on graphic appearance and content. The classification process is based on the analysis of several factors to determine the category of the document.

The AI uses machine learning to learn the graphical model of each document category being stored, so it will be able to automatically recognize and catalog any other document belonging to the same type.

The AI is trained to identify recurring symbols or shapes on the image of the sample documents, the real-time analysis process will be able to detect their presence in certain areas and use this information in the automatic classification process.

AI can recognize and extract the content of images and documents and detect specific information or types of content in certain areas, the identification of a content, along with the location, will contribute to the automatic classification process.

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Configure customized
acquisition processes

The built-in workflow engine allows you to define custom acquisition processes that can capture information and documents from any external system, data source or device, analyze content, detect and identify any anomalies before forwarding the information into target repositories.

digitilized documents
processed images/day
Activity Automation
automatic detection