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Digital Healthcare Solutions

 Digital transformation has become a top priority in the healthcare industry, as it allows most healthcare institutions such as hospitals and clinics to optimize their workflows, facilitating complex and time consuming processes, and manage patient data with ease.

Interdata‘s solutions are a useful resource in the digital transition. In fact, through the use of innovative technologies and the ECM platform, Interdata enables healthcare organizations to provide on time and efficient treatment paths and improve patient experience.

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Improve the quality of healthcare


Automate routine healthcare processes and simplify administration management, taking into account the needs of public service.

Privacy and

Protect patient privacy and personal information according to general and specific medical regulations.

Sustainable relationships
between doctors and patients

Optimize the quality of services and make consultation of medical records efficient, facilitate retrieval and improve appointment schedules.

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Adopt innovative healthcare solutions

Interdata offers healthcare operators digital and collaborative solutions to facilitate interaction between doctors or between doctors and their patients.
Through our platform, you can store patient information, schedule appointments, view daily inbound and outbound patient activity, access medical records, manage all types of processes, automate administrative tasks, and store information in a secure database.

Full service platform

Automate various administrative tasks (reservations, billing, discharges). Manage appointments and view real-time cancellations and reschedules. Organize staff schedules, optimize workload, manage nursing information.

Clinical Services Management

Access patient clinical information at any time, update data and share the case with other specialists enabling easy and quick teamwork for more detailed diagnoses.

Patient Center

Identify the patient by their unique identification number in order to integrate with the local system, retrieve the patient's clinical and administrative history and update information when necessary. Capture, store, transfer a large amount of medical data, including images. Generate statistical data, track patient details, analyze healthcare operations.

Medical Services Management

Simplify all internal administrative tasks, schedule tasks, track shifts, automate payroll processes, build custom dashboards to monitor activities, centralize data and allocate resources needed for medical activities across all departments.

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