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Unify your business communication channels

The ideal solution to manage in a unified way all digital or paper business communications  thanks to the unified messaging features
of e-mail boxes, PEC, Web Services, Fax Server and SMS. Thanks to the IT Protocol, incoming and outgoing communications can be
logged, sorted and shared with the rest of the organization.

Mailbox automation

Register email accounts and configure automated message management rules

Unified management of certified mail

Centralize the management of certified emails to increase storage capacity of other mailboxes

Paper Mail Management

Digitilize paper mail and manage communications the same way you do with email

Unified Instant Messaging

Centralize the management of instant messages deriving from different IM services

Blogs and business communications

Ease business collaboration and information sharing

Filing Communications

File official communications regardless of the transmission channel

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Discover all the power
of native integrations

Integrated document management
updates of projects and digital files
Autostart business and work processes
AI-based communications routing
Scheduled messages retention
// Interoperability

all your Digital Channels

With the new rules that regulate interoperability between companies, professionals and government agencies, it is now essential to systematically manage all incoming and outgoing communications of the organization, regardless of whether these messages are received from non-ordinary channels such as websites, smartphones or even web services.

With unified channel management features, you’ll be able to view and manage any type of message as if it were a simple mail inbox.

// Enterprise content managment

Discover Coopera's Unified Communications suite for digital communications management

// Be anyware, work everywhere

Our solutions are based
on the most innovative technologies

Microservices architecture

Provides scalability and resiliency by distributing workloads across services


Powerful integrated AI engine supports collaboration between users and groups on specific work tasks

Event-based communication

With the exchange of asynchronous events, each application component and its execution is independent of the others.


Automated content classification is supported by natural language processing (NLP) algorithms

Cloud Distribute Performance

Distribute services such as processing servers, storage resources, repositories, and application services onto the network

Integration and
Open Standards

Ability to integrate at any level thanks to public APIs and open standards such as XML, Json and Open Data