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// Products

Automated business
process management

Define, manage and completely automate business and application processes using our powerful centralized BPM engine that tracks the progress and notifying the activities to be performed to the different participants, whether they are users or external systems. Simply compose a flowchart using our low-code/model-based UI designer studio, drag and drop activities, events, conditions and actors into the canvas area and instantly publish it for production use.

// features & functions

A platform to manage workflows
for all business needs

your workflows

Draw the flow

with activities, events and conditions using our BPM Studio.

Publish the process

with the support of error checking and verification tools.

Start a procedure

manually or when triggered by an external event.

Track the progress

of the started processes and task assignment and execution status.

// robotic process automation

Build your RPA solutions

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions allow you to transform and revolutionize business operations.
RPA robots are able to manipulate information and files, execute any type of activity and communicate with any other system to simplify processes, replace repetitive activities and reduce human activity.

Content extraction

Extraction of data and information from documents, spreadsheets, audio, video, images and files of any format

Email management

Automated processing and composition of email content

Integration Services

Integration of application services and systems using APIs (REST, SOAP, GRPC, etc.)

File manipulation

Document conversion between formats (docx, xls, xml, pdf, etc.), compression and uncompression (zip file)

Document management

Automated archiving and classification of files and documents

Database Operations

Automated creation of databases, tables and data structures. Reading and conversion of data from any/multiple sources

Digital signature

Auto-bulk signature placement, definition of digital signature collection flows

Electronic invoicing

Generation of e-invoices, automated extraction and processing of the enclosed information

Systems activities

Scheduled and systematic Over-the-Air (OTA) updates

These are just a few examples of automation, but the possibilities are endless.

// standards & specifications

Full compliance to
international standards and specifications


Standards for the interoperability of workflow management systems

BPNM 2.0

Standard for business process modeling that provides a graphical notation for specifying business processes in a Business Process Diagram (BPD),


International format to interchange business process definitions between different workflow products

WS-Human Task

OASIS WS-BPEL-defined protocol for describing human activity lifecycle

// Enterprise content managment

Discover Coopera's suite of BPM applications for
full digital process management

// Be anyware, work everywhere
Years of activity
digitized documents

Our solutions are based
on the most innovative technologies

Microservices architecture

Provides scalability and resiliency by distributing workloads across services

Cloud Distribute Performance

Distribute services such as processing servers, storage resources, repositories, and application services onto the network

Event-based communication

With the exchange of asynchronous events, each application component and its execution is independent of the others.


Automated content classification is supported by natural language processing (NLP) algorithms


Powerful integrated AI engine supports collaboration between users and groups on specific work tasks

Integration and
Open Standards

Ability to integrate at any level thanks to public APIs and open standards such as XML, Json and Open Data