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What is a Digital Ecosystem

A digital ecosystem is a new form of collaboration between autonomous but interdependent web systems based on synergies, complementarity and applicative cooperation in which products and services transform and merge to create high value-added experience for all the parties involved. A digital ecosystem is strategic because it creates a “natural” infrastructure capable of connecting people and organizations and exchanging content and information automatically and in a simplified way, creating real “production processes“.

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We are witnessing a complete reinvention of the industry that, taking advantage of the rapid technological evolution, proposes a new approach, challenging both businesses and government agencies. Every day more than 7 billion objects are connected to each other and to the internet, in the next 3 years this will reach 20 billion. Organizations must be able to fully understand the potential of the ongoing change and seize the opportunity.

The limits of traditional networks

The integration and application cooperation between systems according to traditional schemes are now showing all their limits, because they rely on specific investments of individual companies or organizations, making it difficult to innovate and expand products and services with new features and offerings. The supply chain of products and services is not flexible enough and the user suffers the strictness of the traditional schemes of collaboration and interaction between institutions, companies, the financial world and professionals, causing delays and uncertainty in communications and therefore inefficient workflows. 

Innovative technology platforms and value-added services

Digital ecosystems are profoundly transforming the traditional model. Instead of using, as in the past, adapted implemented integration processes, organizations can use innovative technologies, platforms, open standards and formats to build much more powerful, scalable, and resilient integration processes. Digital ecosystems can be thought of as a network on which different technologies rest. At the highest level, they are composed of institutions, businesses, professionals, data, processes, and things that are connected by the shared use of digital platforms to foster collaboration and deliver useful outcomes for all parties involved. 

Data exchange and shared services

The new ecosystems are characterized by the intertwining of different technologies, cloud computing, social networks, IoT and mobile platforms and all that is necessary for the flexible use of resources, for the creation of specialized and collaborative interaction channels and for accessing  the most diverse applications and service platforms. In order to be created and operational, it is necessary to train new professionals and acquire innovative ICT skills that are capable of designing and managing digital ecosystems that include platforms able to exchange data and share services.

The future of organizations

A smart comprehensive vision supported by automation is required to initiate the management path of this growing complexity. The adoption of advanced artificial intelligence and automation technologies provides better methods and tools for integrating, managing and orchestrating old and new ecosystems that the future smart enterprise or government agencies will need to transform into accelerated value chains. The big data stream will need to be refined and contextualized through machine learning technologies on the one hand to improve processes and workflows in enterprises, government agencies and across supply chains and professionals, and on the other hand to deliver increasingly personalized and value-added experiences. 

Our solutions use the most innovative technologies and are designed to support different types of organizations to become part of the future digital ecosystems.

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